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Pest Hygiene Cleaning

Talk About Pest Hygiene Cleaning
Pigeons and pest hygiene
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Pest Control Services

Pests like pigeons can do untold damage to the look and safety of your buildings. At phs Group, our pest control services will help you clean up after your unwanted guests and create a safe, hygienic environment for people in and around your building.

Why phs is the leading provider in pest hygiene cleaning

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Increased hygiene

Our commercial pest control services will help reduce the risk of viruses like Salmonella and Psittacosis which can be carried in droppings.

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Improved appearance

Our commercial pest control services will enhance the look of your building by removing unsightly stains.

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Cost savings

Pests cause untold damage to equipment, and regular pest control services help spot problems before they begin.

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Specialist equipment

All our pest hygiene services include the specialist equipment needed, saving you the cost of a separate rental.

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Other Specialist Cleaning Services

Feeding the birds is one thing, cleaning up after them can be quite another.

Rooftop pests like pigeons have a real impact on the cleanliness and hygiene of the environment you offer your visitors, customers and staff.

Workplace buildings offer a perfect environment for pigeons to thrive, and in doing so they can create a real problem for gutters, vents and the overall look of your building.

At phs, our emergency pest control services will help you clean up, unblock gutters and conduits, remove unsightly stains and put deterrents in place to stop it happening again.

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Industry insights from our experts

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23rd Jul 2020


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James Watkins

17th Jul 2020


Innovative hygiene products to make your business even safer

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15th Jul 2020

AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

AIRSCENT ATOM leisure case study

The washrooms are located near to the entrance of the golf club. For the first time ever, the fragrance from the air fresheners has actually carried through to the entrance as well as the Golf Pro shop. Numerous staff members and customers have said just how welcoming the entrance and golf shop are as a result. That’s especially great as many of our golfers are returning to the club after a day of sport, so the pleasant aroma is certainly helpful.

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