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Healthcare Hygiene Services

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Healthcare Hygiene Services

Healthcare Hygiene Services

We understand that healthcare businesses operate in a challenging market, delivering high standards of patient care, whilst complying with the requirements of regulatory bodies and legislation and recruiting and retaining the best people.

We work with healthcare businesses across the UK to help them manage these challenges to create a welcoming, hygienic and safe environment for visitors and staff.

Working with phs

As well offering safe and secure storage, collection and disposal of all types of healthcare waste and sharps, we also help businesses achieve hygienic and welcoming waiting room areas and washrooms that meet the specific hygiene needs of your patients.

We understand that patients have different needs and that meeting them effectively and conveniently reassures them and makes them feel welcome at your premises.

Space in washroom cubicles is often limited so our range of sanitary bins, incontinence bins and nappy bins come in a range of sizes to fit the space available.


The frequency of our collection service can be tailored to suit your needs, ensuring that your absorbent hygiene waste is properly managed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

We process our customers’ absorbent hygiene waste products (nappies, sanitary waste and incontinence waste) through our patented process, LifeCycle.


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Why phs

We know that running a successful and profitable healthcare business means winning the confidence of patients and staying on top of legislation and regulatory standards at all times.

Our expert and professional team are on hand to support healthcare businesses as they strive for the highest possible standards in hygiene and care.

We work with hospitals, care homes, doctor surgeries, vets, dentists and tattoo parlours across the UK offering a flexible, discreet and professional service to meet your exact requirements.

We take care of every aspect of your healthcare hygiene needs, from creating healthier, fresh-smelling waiting rooms, to maintaining hygienic washrooms and providing safe and secure waste management.

We ensure that all healthcare waste is handled strictly in line with current legislation and according to Best Practice Guidelines.

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