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Water Saving

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Water Saving

phs leads the market in water management systems, urinal services and sanitising and cleaning products for the washroom. We’ve been developing innovative and patented water saving products for decades. From flush and water management controls, urinal sleeves to cistern sanitisers, our products help prevent blockages, eliminate odour and reduce your running costs. When installed and maintained by our expert technicians, our products can save up to 70% of the water used in your urinals, and reduce the need for expensive repair bills and maintenance programmes. At phs, we deliver washroom products that can help boost staff morale and visitor confidence, in a way that is cost-effective for your organisation.

Water is a precious resource, something we tend to forget in a country where there seems to be plenty of it. There is around 326 million trillion gallons of water on the planet. Over 99% of that is non-drinkable. That leaves less than 1% to use, between 7.5 billion of us! Climate change, population growth and changes in behaviour mean that even in the rainy UK, we will almost certainly face increased water stress in the future.


KEY FACT: In an average office-based business, toilet and urinal flushing and washing together account for 90% of water usage compared to the canteen (9%) and cleaning (1%). A typical full-time employee gets through around 50 litres of water a day in the office. Source: South Staffs Water

Using water more efficiently is a smart way to save energy and money, while also delivering on commitments to cut energy and resource wastage. Here are some of our top tips for saving water in your business:

  • Know where your supply pipes run and where the shut off valves are.
  • Determine where your wasted water is going and if or how you can recycle it in other areas of your business.
  • Use signage to help educate your employees on the importance and practices of water efficiency. If employees are aware of the costs then they will be more careful with their water usage.
  • Try and set water usage targets and encourage widespread involvement to achieve this.
  • Check your water bills every month and keep a record of your consumption rates. If you ever spot a spike in the overall pattern, you could have a water leak.
  • Invest in water saving management systems.

Click here to see our full range of water saving products and services.

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