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Corporate Governance

PHS Group is wholly owned by The Bidvest Group Limited (‘Bidvest’), a South African company listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange.

The Board of Directors, which meets quarterly, is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing the executive management. It is comprised of two executive board members, plus two non-executive directors appointed by Bidvest.

Bidvest has also constituted an Audit Committee, which meets quarterly to monitor the integrity of the financial statements of the company, the appropriateness of accounting judgements made and the adequacy of the company’s corporate governance arrangements.

Our reported financial results are audited annually by independent external auditors (presently PwC) and the results reviewed by the Audit Committee of the Board.

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In order to ensure we are working in line with best practice, the PHS Group has a number of framework policies for our employees, covering areas including:

  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery
  • Expenses
  • Communication
  • Group Volunteering
  • Computer Use
  • Health and Safety
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • In-Vehicle Monitoring
  • Dangerous Goods Security
  • Procurement Code of Ethics
  • Energy
  • Resource Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Social Media
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Training and Development
  • Whistleblowing

All our policies are subject to annual review and external audit.

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