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Air Care Solutions

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Air care

At phs, we understand the importance of maintaining clean, fresh-smelling air that creates a welcoming, healthy environment. Every day we breathe 10,000 litres of air and when exercising we can breathe up to five times more. We spend 90% of our time indoors and nine hours every day sharing spaces with others, which can unfortunately create the perfect environment for germs and allergens to spread quickly.

The benefits of clean air extend to everyone in a work and leisure environment. As the leading provider for air care services, reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and other air pollutants will always be our top priority.


Fragrancing - creating the right impression

The very first thing visitors notice about a washroom is its smell. An unpleasant odour creates an instant bad impression and may put visitors off all together. Bad smells can also leave your customers thinking your washrooms are dirty and unhygienic, creating a negative image of your organisation that extends well past the washroom.

Our air freshening technology systems use fragrances blended to enhance any space. Each fragrance included Odouraze, a unique and innovative odour eliminator, designed to seek out and neutralise odour causing airborne organisms.


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Deodorising - odour removal

Research shows that first impressions count, this is especially important when it comes to odour. A clean and fresh environment whether it be a school, office, reception area, washroom or kitchen improves those vital first impressions. phs has the solution to remove and destroy the bad odours at source, making the environment not only smell clean, but also hygienically clean.





Well-being - air purification

With the cost of more than £14 billion to UK businesses each year through sickness absence, the benefits of improved air quality become clear. Our air purifying solutions remove up to 99.9% of germs, by eliminating odours and removing harmful germs, allergens and other forms of contamination from the air, including gases and VOC’s.

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